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Business English, Professional English, Legal English, Medical English, Academic English etc.
Online peer-reviewed Journal for Teachers

English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

English for Specific Purposes World

ISSN 1682-3257

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Business English in Asian ESP Journal

Vitaly Ashkinazi

Asian ESP Journal is a great source for ESP practitioners and researchers, and in the journal we find the articles dedicated to Business English, the fastest growing sub-domain of ESP . So we offer here a list of such articles with short abstracts.

Sino-Finnish E-Mail Project. A Teaching Tool for Tertiary Business Communication Course.
Meiling Wang & Sirkku Aaltonen. Asian ESP Journal, September 2005, Volume 1

E-mail, a powerful instrument of the contemporary business world, should be reflected in the contents of Business Communication courses. These days international Email projects for university students are receiving increased attention, and the paper discusses a Sino-Finnish e-mail project conducted between university students. The paper reviews the background to the international e-mail project and the project implementation, and in conclusion argues for the significance of the project and suggests improvements for its implementation.

How to Become a Flight Attendant in Korea: English Skills.
Paul Robertson . Asian ESP Journal, December 2005, Volume 1

The article considers Business English problems in Korea.

China: Business English: - A new wave.
Dr. James Kelly. Asian ESP Journal, December 2005, Volume 1

The article considers Business English problems in China.

A Discourse Analysis Of Business. Letters Written By Iranians & Native Speakers.
Mansour Arvani  (Tabriz Power Generation Management Co.). Asian ESP Journal, June 2006, Volume 1

In order to achieve effective results in international trade, the relevant authorities in non-native companies should be proficient in using business English. Authors study and compare authentic letters written by Iranians and letters written by native English writers.

The Globalization Debate in Business English: Exploiting the Literature through matrices.
John Adamson
. Asian ESP Journal, June 2006, Volume 1

Explaining how globalization can be used as a topic in the Business English classroom, the author describes the choice of literature and examines what linguistic objectives can be set when working with it.

From Common Core to Specific
Yong Chen (Chong Qing University, P. R. of China) Asian ESP Journal, June 2006, Volume 1

This paper considers the process of designing an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program for learners of various disciplines within a Chinese industrial institution. The study reviews the literature and case studies related to ESP theories and professional practices in the field, describes needs analyses. From the initial curriculum proposal to the revision of course and syllabus design, the author has reflected on the particular features of the program, its relative success and issues of the organization and implementation of materials and language input.

Designing an ESP course for Chinese University Students of Business
Gao Jiajing , Asian ESP Journal, April 2007, Volume 3, Issue 1

The article provides a guided approach to ESP course design for Chinese senior business students at tertiary level. The proposed framework for ESP course development is argued as being of benefit to teachers who may encounter problems in ESP course design.  

English as an International Business Language (EIBL): The Need for an Increase in Theoretical and Practical Research Focusing on Written Business Communications Across Cultural Boundaries in Relation to Multinational Corporate Language Selection.
Damian John Rivers ( Kanda University of International Studies, Japan), Asian ESP Journal, April 2008, Volume 4, Issue 2

The paper sets forth the need for an increase in research which examines the role of corporate language selection and the effectiveness of cross cultural business communications in specific reference to written genres. The paper considers how written forms of business communication can be successfully negotiated for all speakers in a changing language environment.



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