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The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between orange and green with wavelengths of approximately 570 to 590 nanometers; any of a group of colours of a hue resembling that of ripe lemons and varying in lightness and saturation.

alabaster                      a pale yellowish pink to yellowish grey.

amber                           a brownish yellow

apple green                 a moderate or vivid yellow green to light or strong yellowish green

apricot                         a moderate, light, or strong orange to strong orange yellow

aureate                         of a golden colour; gilded.

beige                            a light greyish brown or yellowish brown to greyish yellow.

bice green                   a moderate yellow green

bilious                          a. a brownish-yellow or greenish-yellow fluid secreted by the liver, ; b. resembling bile, especially in colour

bisque                           a. a pale orange-yellow to yellowish grey b. a colour ranging in various industries from moderate yellowish pink to greyish yellow

bister (bistre)              a greyish to yellowish brown.

blond(e)                       a light yellowish brown to dark greyish yellow

buff                              a pale, light, or moderate yellowish pink to yellow, including moderate orange yellow to light yellowish brown

canary                          a light to moderate or vivid yellow

caramel                        a moderate yellow brown

chamois                       a moderate to greyish yellow

champagne                 a pale orange yellow to greyish yellow or yellowish grey

chartreuse                   a strong to brilliant greenish yellow to moderate or strong yellow green

chrome green              a very dark yellowish green to moderate or strong green

citrine                           having a yellowish hue

citron                           a greyish green yellow

coral pink                    A moderate to deep yellowish pink.

cream                           a pale yellow to yellowish white

daffodil                        a brilliant to vivid yellow

dandelion                    a brilliant to vivid yellow

ecru                              a greyish to pale yellow or light greyish-yellowish brown

eggshell                       a pale yellow to yellowish white

emerald                        a strong yellowish green.

fallow                           having a yellowish hue

fawn                             a greyish yellow brown to light greyish or moderate reddish brown

flavescent                   having a yellowish hue

flax(en)                         having the pale greyish-yellow colour of flax fiber

foxed                            discoloured with yellowish-brown stains

fulvous                        having a yellowish hue

gamboge                     a strong yellow

gilt (gilded)                 having a yellowish hue

gold                              a light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow

golden                         having the colour of gold or a yellow colour suggestive of gold

grass green                 a moderate yellow-green to strong or dark yellowish-green

hazel                             a light brown or yellowish brown

honey                          having a yellowish hue

ivory                            a pale or greyish yellow to yellowish white

jasmine                        having a yellowish hue

jaundiced                    a yellowish discolouration of the whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes

jonquil                         light yellow

kelly green                  a strong yellowish green.

khaki                            A light olive brown to moderate or light yellowish brown.

lemon                           lemon yellow; a moderate to brilliant vivid yellow

luteous                        of a light or moderate greenish yellow

maize                            a light yellow to moderate orange yellow

mandarin                     tangerine

manil(l)a                       a light yellow brown

moss green                 a moderate yellow green to greyish or moderate olive or dark yellowish green

mustard                       a dark yellow to light olive brown

nasturtium                   a brilliant orange yellow

Nile green                    a moderate yellow green to vivid light green

ocher (ochre)              a moderate orange yellow, from moderate or deep orange to moderate or strong yellow

off-white                      a greyish or yellowish white.

old gold                       a dark yellow, from light olive or olive brown to deep or strong yellow

olive green                  a green-yellow hue of low to medium lightness and low to moderate saturation

oyster white                a pale yellowish green to light grey.

parchment                   having a yellowish hue

pea green                    a moderate, strong, or brilliant yellow green

peach                           a light moderate to strong yellowish pink to light orange.

pearl grey                    a light grey, from yellowish to light bluish grey.

pistachio green          a moderate to light yellowish or yellow green.

primrose yellow          having a yellowish hue

putty                            a yellowish or light brownish grey to greyish yellow or light greyish brown

reseda                          a greyish or dark green to yellow green or light olive

rufous                          strong yellowish pink to moderate orange; reddish.

rust(y)                          of a yellowish-red or brownish-red colour

sable                            a greyish yellowish brown.

saffron                         a moderate or strong orange yellow to moderate orange

sallow                          a sickly yellowish hue

salmon                         a moderate, light, or strong yellowish pink to a moderate reddish orange or light orange.

sand(y)                        a light greyish brown to yellowish grey

sepia                            a dark greyish yellow brown to dark or moderate olive brown

shell pink                     a pinkish white to strong yellowish pink, including greyish and light yellowish pink.

stramineous                sraw yellow

straw yellow               a pale yellow

sulfur(ous)                  having a yellowish hue

sunflower                    a brilliant yellow to strong or vivid orange yellow

sunshine                     having a yellowish hue

tawny                           having a yellowish hue

tea rose                        a pale to strong yellowish pink.

teak                              a greyish yellowish brown or greyish to moderate brown.

testaceous                  having the reddish-brown or brownish-yellow hue of bricks

vitelline                        having the yellow hue of an egg yolk; dull yellow

warm                            predominantly red or yellow in tone

xanth-ic (-ous)            having a yellowish hue

yellow ocher               a moderate orange with yellow overtones


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