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English for Specific Purposes World (ESP World)

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aene(o)us brassy or golden green in colour

alabaster a pale yellowish pink to yellowish grey

albescent becoming white or moderately white; whitish

amaranth a deep reddish purple to dark or greyish, purplish red

amaranthine deep purple-red

amber having a brown hue

amethyst a moderate purple to greyish reddish purple

ancient red a deep to vivid purplish red to vivid red

apple green a moderate or vivid yellow green to light or strong yellowish green

apricot a moderate, light, or strong orange to strong orange yellow

aqua a light bluish green to light greenish blue

aquamarine a pale blue to light greenish blue

argent (heraldry) the metal silver, represented by the colour white

argentine resembling silver in colour

ash-en(-y) resembling ashes in colour; very pale

aubergine esp Brit a dark purple colour; the colour of the aubergine

auburn a moderate reddish brown to brown

aureate of a golden colour; gilded

azure a light purplish blue; (heraldry) the colour blue


baby blue a very light to very pale greenish or purplish blue

battleship grey a medium shade of grey

bay a reddish brown

beetroot purple a deep to very deep purplish red

beige a light greyish brown or yellowish brown to greyish yellow

bice blue a moderate blue

bice green a moderate yellow green

bilious a a brownish-yellow or greenish-yellow fluid secreted by the liver, ; b resembling bile, especially in colour

biscuit a pale brown

bisque a a pale orange-yellow to yellowish grey b a colour ranging in various industries from moderate yellowish pink to greyish yellow

bister (bistre) a greyish to yellowish brown

bist-er(-re) a greyish to yellowish brown

bittersweet a dark to deep reddish orange

blond(e) a light yellowish brown to dark greyish yellow

blood red a moderate to vivid red

bloody suggesting the colour of blood; blood-red

blowzy having a red hue

blue-black a black colour with a tinge of blue; very dark blue

blush a red or rosy colour

bois de rose a greyish red

bole a moderate reddish brown

bordeaux a dark red to purple

bottle green a dark to moderate or greyish green

brass(y) having an orangish hue

brick red a moderate to strong reddish brown

bronze a moderate yellowish to olive brown

brown any of a group of colours between red and yellow in hue that are medium to low in lightness and low to moderate in saturation

brunet having dark brown or black hair or eyes

brunette having a brown hue

buff a pale, light, or moderate yellowish pink to yellow, including moderate orange yellow to light yellowish brown

burgundy a dark greyish or blackish red to dark purplish red or reddish brown

burnt almond having a brown hue

burnt sienna a dark reddish orange

butterscotch having a brown hue


cafe-au-lait having a brown hue

Cambridge blue (Brit) a pale blue

canary a light to moderate or vivid yellow

candy-apple-red having a red hue

caramel a moderate yellow brown

cardinal dark to deep or vivid red

carmine a strong to vivid red

carnation having a red hue

carroty bright reddish or yellowish orange in colour

celadon a pale to very pale green

cerise a deep to vivid purplish red

cerulean azure; sky-blue

chamois a moderate to greyish yellow

champagne a pale orange yellow to greyish yellow or yellowish grey

charcoal a dark greyish brown to black or dark purplish grey

chartreuse a strong to brilliant greenish yellow to moderate or strong yellow green

cherry a moderate or strong red to purplish red

chestnut a moderate to deep reddish brown

chestnut a moderate to deep reddish brown

Chinese red vermilion

chocolate a greyish to deep reddish brown to deep greyish brown

chrome green a very dark yellowish green to moderate or strong green

ciner-eous(-ary) of a grey colour tinged with black

cinnabar see vermilion

cinnamon a light reddish brown

citrine having a yellowish hue

citron a greyish green yellow

clair de lune the colour of a pale, greyish-blue glaze applied to various kinds of Chinese porcelain

claret a dark or greyish purplish red to dark purplish pink

cobalt blue a moderate to deep vivid blue or strong greenish blue

cochineal a vivid red

cocoa a moderate brown to reddish brown

coffee a moderate brown to dark brown or dark greyish brown

copper a reddish brown

copper having an orangish hue

coral a deep or strong pink to moderate red or reddish orange

coral pink a moderate to deep yellowish pink

coralline resembling coral, especially in colour

cornflower a vivid blue

cramoisy having a red hue

cranberry a deep to vivid purplish red

cream a pale yellow to yellowish white

crimson a deep to vivid purplish red to vivid red

crocus a greyish to light reddish purple

crushed strawberry having a red hue

cupreous having an orangish hue

cyan a greenish blue, considered a primary colour in printing and photography

cyanic of a blue or bluish hue


daffodil a brilliant to vivid yellow

damask scarlet; a strong to vivid red or reddish orange

damson a colour of a plum, reddish blue

damson-coloured having a colour of a plum

dandelion a brilliant to vivid yellow

dapple-grey grey with a mottled pattern of darker grey markings

dead leaf having a brown hue

donkey-grey having a grey hue

dove grey having a grey hue

drab a moderate to greyish or light greyish yellowish brown or light olive brown

duck's-egg a dark greyish green

dun an almost neutral brownish grey to dull greyish brown


ebony the colour black; ebon

ecru a greyish to pale yellow or light greyish-yellowish brown

eggplant a blackish purple

eggshell a pale yellow to yellowish white

electric blue a steely or brilliant light blue

emerald a strong yellowish green

erubescent having a red hue


faience a moderate to strong greenish blue

fallow having a yellowish hue

fawn a greyish yellow brown to light greyish or moderate reddish brown

ferruginous having the colour of iron rust; reddish-brown

fevered having a red hue

fiery having the colour of fire; brightly red

fire-engine red having a red hue

flamingo a moderate reddish orange

flamy resembling a flame; flaming

flavescent having a yellowish hue

flax(en) having the pale greyish-yellow colour of flax fiber

flesh-coloured having a red hue

flesh-pink having a red hue

florid a deep to vivid red

flushed having a red hue

flushing having a red hue

foxed discoloured with yellowish-brown stains

foxy having a reddish-brown colour

fuchsia a strong, vivid purplish red

fuchsine having a red hue

fuliginous coloured by or as if by soot

fulvous having a yellowish hue

fuscous dark brownish-grey in colour


gamboge a strong yellow

garnet a dark to very dark red

geranium a strong to vivid red

gilt (gilded) having a yellowish hue

ginger a strong brown

glaseous of a pale greyish or bluish green

glaucous of a dull greyish-green or blue colour

glowing having a red hue

gold having an orangish hue

golden having the colour of gold or a yellow colour suggestive of gold

grape a dark violet to dark greyish purple

grass green a moderate yellow-green to strong or dark yellowish-green

gre(i)ge a greyish beige

grizzled the colour of white hairs

grizzly greyish or flecked with grey

gules having a red hue

gunmetal (in full gunmetal grey, gunmetal blue) a dull bluish-grey colour

gunmetal a dark grey


hazel a light brown or yellowish brown

heather a greyish purple to purplish red

hectic red with confusion, or haste, flushed

heliotrope a moderate, light, or brilliant violet to moderate or deep reddish purple

henna a moderate or strong reddish brown to strong brown

hoar grey or white with or as if with age

hoar(y) grey or white with or as if with age

honey having a yellowish hue

hot pink having a red hue

hyacinth a deep purplish blue to vivid violet


ice blue a very pale blue

incarnadine a flesh-coloured b blood-red

indigo a dark blue to greyish purple blue

iron grey a dark grey with a slightly greenish tinge

ivory a pale or greyish yellow to yellowish white


jasmine having a yellowish hue

jaundiced a yellowish discolouration of the whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes

jet(ty) a deep black; black as coal

jonquil light yellow


kelly green a strong yellowish green

Kendal green the colour of a coarse green woolen fabric similar to tweed

khaki a light olive brown to moderate or light yellowish brown


lake a deep red

lavender a pale to light purple to very light or very pale violet

leaden dull, dark grey in colour

lemon lemon yellow; a moderate to brilliant vivid yellow

lilac a pale to light or moderate purple

lily-white white as a lily

Lincoln green a fabric produced in Lincoln (a borough of eastern England north-east of Nottingham)

liver a dark reddish brown

livid ashen or pallid

luteous of a light or moderate greenish yellow


madder a medium to strong red or reddish orange

magenta a moderate to vivid purplish red

mahogany a moderate reddish brown

mahogany having a brown hue

maize a light yellow to moderate orange yellow

mandarin tangerine

manil(l)a a light yellow brown

marigold having an orangish hue

marmalade having an orangish hue

maroon a dark reddish brown to dark purplish red

mauve a moderate greyish violet to moderate reddish purple

Mazarine a very dark blue

midnight blue a very dark blue

milk-white resembling milk in colour

mocha a dark olive brown

moss green a moderate yellow green to greyish or moderate olive or dark yellowish green

mous(e)y having a drab, pale brown colour

mud-coloured having a brown hue

mulberry a greyish to dark purple, in this sense, also called murrey

murrey a greyish to dark purple

mushroom having a brown hue

mustard a dark yellow to light olive brown


nasturtium a brilliant orange yellow

Natal brown a greyish brown

Nattier blue a soft shade of blue [much used by J M Nattier, French painter d 1766]

navy blue a dark greyish blue

navy grey a dark grey

nigrescence blackness or darkness, as of complexion

Nile blue a light greenish blue

Nile green a moderate yellow green to vivid light green

nutmeg a greyish to moderate brown


oak any of various brown shades resembling the wood of an oak in colour

oatmeal having a brown hue

ocher (ochre) a moderate orange yellow, from moderate or deep orange to moderate or strong yellow

off-white a greyish or yellowish white

old gold a dark yellow, from light olive or olive brown to deep or strong yellow

old rose a dark pink to greyish or moderate red

olivaceous olive-green

olive (green) a green-yellow hue of low to medium lightness and low to moderate saturation

olive drab a greyish olive to dark olive brown or olive grey

olive green a green-yellow hue of low to medium lightness and low to moderate saturation

or gold, represented in heraldic engraving by a white field sprinkled with small dots

orchid a pale to light purple, from greyish to purplish pink to strong reddish purple

oxblood red a dark or deep red to medium reddish brown

Oxford blue a dark blue, sometimes with a purple tinge, of this colour

oxford grey a dark grey

oyster white a pale yellowish green to light grey


pansy a deep to strong violet

paprika a dark to deep or vivid reddish orange

parchment having a yellowish hue

pasty a pale, pallid complexion

Payne's grey having a grey hue

pea green a moderate, strong, or brilliant yellow green

peach a light moderate to strong yellowish pink to light orange

peacock n the lustrous greenish blue of a peacock's neck adj (hyphenated when attrib) of this colour

peacock blue a moderate to dark or strong greenish blue

pearl a yellowish white

pearl grey a light grey, from yellowish to light bluish grey

perse dark greyish blue or purple

perse dark greyish blue or purple

petunia a moderate to dark purple

piceous glossy black

pink any of a group of colours reddish in hue, of medium to high lightness, and of low to moderate saturation

pinkish somewhat pink

pistachio green a moderate to light yellowish or yellow green

pitch-black extremely dark; black as pitch

platinum a medium to light grey

platinum blond a very light silver-blond hair colour, especially when artificially produced

plum a dark purple to deep reddish purple

Pompadour a pink tint loved by Mme Pompadour

Pompeian red a greyish to moderate red

ponceau a dark red

poppy a vivid red to reddish orange

powder blue a moderate to pale blue or purplish blue

powder-grey having a grey hue

primrose yellow having a yellowish hue

Prussian blue a moderate to strong blue or deep greenish blue

puce a deep red to dark greyish purple

puce having a brown hue

pumpkin a moderate to strong orange

purple any of a group of colours with a hue between that of violet and red

putty a yellowish or light brownish grey to greyish yellow or light greyish brown


raspberry a moderate to dark or deep purplish red

raven black and shiny

raw sienna a brownish orange to light brown

reseda a greyish or dark green to yellow green or light olive

rifle green a colour of a dark green uniform of British troops

roan having a brown hue

robin's-egg blue a pale bluish green to greenish or greyish blue

rose a dark pink to moderate red

rose pink a moderate to dark pink

roseate having a red hue

rosy having the characteristic pink or red colour of a rose

rouged having a red hue

royal blue a deep to strong blue

royal purple a moderate or strong violet to deep purple or dark reddish purple

rubescent having a red hue

rubicond having a red hue

rubigino-us (-se) rust-coloured; reddish-brown

rubious of the colour of a ruby; red

rubric red or reddish

ruby a dark or deep red to deep purplish red

ruddy a having a healthy, reddish colour b reddish; rosy

rufescent having a red hue

rufous strong yellowish pink to moderate orange; reddish

russet a moderate to strong brown

rust(y) of a yellowish-red or brownish-red colour


sable a greyish yellowish brown

sable a the colour black, especially in heraldry; b sables Black garments worn in mourning

saffron a moderate or strong orange yellow to moderate orange

sage green greyish-green

sallow a sickly yellowish hue

salmon a moderate, light, or strong yellowish pink to a moderate reddish orange or light orange

sand(y) a light greyish brown to yellowish grey

sandalwood a light to moderate or greyish brown

sang-de-boeuf having a red hue

sanguine a Of the colour of blood; red b Of a healthy, reddish colour; ruddy

sanguineous having the colour of blood; blood-red

sapphire the blue colour of a gem sapphire

saxe blue a lightish blue colour with a greyish tinge

scarlet a strong to vivid red or reddish orange

sea green a medium green or bluish green

sepia a dark greyish yellow brown to dark or moderate olive brown

shell pink a pinkish white to strong yellowish pink, including greyish and light yellowish pink

shocking-pink having a red hue

silver a lustrous medium grey

sky blue a light to pale blue, from a light greenish to light purplish blue

slate (blue) a dark or bluish grey to dark bluish or dark purplish grey

slate black a purplish black

slate blue a greyish blue to dark bluish grey

sloe-black black

smoke a pale to greyish blue to bluish or dark grey

smoke a pale to greyish blue to bluish or dark grey

smutty black

snow-white pure white; white as snow

solferino a moderate purplish red

sorrel a brownish orange to light brown

spruce a greyish green to dark greenish black

steel steel grey

steel blue a medium greyish blue

stramineous sraw yellow

straw yellow a pale yellow

sub-fusc having a brown hue

sulfur(ous) having a yellowish hue

sunflower a brilliant yellow to strong or vivid orange yellow

sunshine having a yellowish hue

suntan having a brown hue


taffy having a brown hue

tan a light or moderate yellowish brown to brownish orange

tangerine a strong reddish orange to strong or vivid orange

tattletale grey white tinged with grey; greyish white

taupe a brownish grey

tawny a light brown to brownish orange

tawny having a yellowish hue

tea rose a pale to strong yellowish pink

teak a greyish yellowish brown or greyish to moderate brown

teal a moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue

tenne having an orangish hue

terra cotta a brownish orange

testaceous having the reddish-brown or brownish-yellow hue of bricks

Titian a brownish orange

titian-red having a red hue

tobacco leaf having a brown hue

toffee having a brown hue

Turkey red a moderate red

turquoise a light to brilliant bluish green

turquoise a light to brilliant bluish green

Tyrian purple having a red hue


ultramarine a vivid or strong blue to purplish blue

umber any of the shades of brown produced by umber in its various states


Vandyke brown a moderate to greyish brown

venetian blue a strong blue to greenish blue

venetian red a deep to strong reddish brown

verdant (virid) bright green with or as if with vegetation

vermeil vermilion or a similar bright red colour

vermil(l)ion a vivid red to reddish orange, in this sense, also called Chinese red, cinnabar

vert (heraldry) the colour green

vinaceous having the colour of red wine

vinous having the colour of wine

violaceous having a violet hue

viridity the green colour of vegetation or leaves

vitelline having the yellow hue of an egg yolk; dull yellow


walnut having a brown hue

warm predominantly red or yellow in tone

Wedgwood a ceramic ware made by J Wedgwood; b the characteristic blue colour of this stoneware

whitewashed coloured white

wine the colour of red wine


xanth-ic (-ous) having a yellowish hue


yellow ocher a moderate orange with yellow overtones



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